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Welcome to the Meta Maniacs

In the midst of the metaverse, presents The Meta Maniacs. We are striving to build a real community through a decentralized nft gaming project that provides utility and true entertainment in many ways. Each NFT is a 1/1 unique piece designed to represent you in the game. For fun, We will be developing something cool on digital land in the sandbox metaverse and creating a community for the Maniacs to call home. Roadmap updates and progressive changes will be made as we move forward with the project. 

The Maniacs attributes have been programmatically generated from 200+ variations selected by our team and designed by our “in house” 3D artist who remains a mystery….for now.  Each and every trait was inspired by  various forms of art, with no boundaries or “rules”, as art was intended to be.

Meta Maniacs is an entity designed to be built by the community’s thoughts, ideas, and creative insights. As for the founders, we are always pushing for the newest and best way to provide value to our community, and innovate for the next big phase. We are a group of young individuals with a shared love for gaming, art, and decentralized utility. We hope to radiate good vibes and share our creative minds to the world.

Launch Roadmap

Maniacs In Unison….TOGETHER AS ONE!

We are the Maniacs, the most extraordinary in the Metaverse. Join our discord group, get whitelisted for our presales, as well as receive the latest information, giveaways, and more. 10,000 Maniacs are waiting to be unleashed!

Stirrin’ The Pot….

After reaching 25,000 members on Discord, we will be giving away 10 exclusive 1/1 Maniacs in a giveaway as a token to our early investors. 250 whitelist spots will be available to our Discord members. whitelist means you are guaranteed early access to the PRESALE for a lower price than MINT day. 

Maniac Family….

The release of Meta Maniacs will start with 1,250 pieces released in a presale, this includes our 250 VIP Whitelisted members. Your NFT will not be revealed on OpenSea until 2 days after the PUBLIC MINT. In exchange to our loyal members who stake their NFT for 14 Days, you will be gifted an exclusive 1/1 Meta Mutts NFT via Airdrop, entitling holders to receive 50% of all royalties on OpenSea. Purchasing a secondary sale on OpenSea will not grant a staking reward. Dividends will be available to be collected any time and will be paid out with a token created by us to run the Maniac Hub ecosystem. 

Maniacs Privilege To Give Back….

As we have been so privileged to create this community of Maniacs, we only feel it is right to give back to the community that helped and supported us up to this point. We will be investing $50,000 in our communities personal projects whether it be to help in developing, help marketing or purchasing from a collection our community has created. In addition to this, we will be donating $100,000 to charities of our communities’ choice. This will be the first of many donations we use to make a positive impact on the world as a team. In addition, we will be raffling off physical, digital, and cash prizes up to $100,000 within our Discords Giveaways!

The Maniac Opportunity….

The Meta Maniacs team will be hosting a community event for all of our holders, creators, influencers and developers to meet in person. Owners will use their nft located in their wallet as a pass to enter, and all event expenses will be accommodated for. An exclusive Meta Maniacs merch drop will be available to holders as well. Event location, date, and time will be decided as a whole by our discord community.



The beginning of our mission will take place in the Metaverse. The Maniac team has already begun investing into digital land and will soon begin developing a society that will change the way we game, interact, purchase, and trade assets. In the sandbox metaverse, we plan to build our very own “Maniac Hub” which will include shops, games, and community events. We are beginning a development plan with top tier Devs to create a fully decentralized “Play to Earn” Gaming Platform. Maniac Coin will be the currency used to power our platform’s economy.

To Be Continued…. See you in the Metaverse!

Meet The Team

Maniac Johnnyboyfire


Maniac Mac


Maniac Menace


Maniac Juju


Maniac Snake


Maniac $o$a


Maniac Woody


Maniac Mona


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Meta Maniac NFT?

The Meta Maniacs prestigious NFT project offers 10,000 of the most unique, extraordinary digital collectibles that represent the community. 

How do I Mint?

You can mint a Meta Maniac NFT on Launch Day. Minting is best done on Meta Mask, however we will provide information on the release date via discord.

What will I be able to do with my Maniac NFT?

With being a holder of a Meta Maniac NFT, you can do various things! You may use your Maniac as a profile picture for Social Media platforms, or you may resell your Meta Maniac for profit! However as stated in the Roadmap, we highly advise all to hold it, as you will be highly incentivized with gifts such as an exclusive 1/1 Meta Mutts NFT gifted for free via Airdrop. Meta Mutts come with value and utility in exchange for your loyalty. 50% of all royalties earned through post drop sales will be split between all holders every 2 weeks. Those who hold a Meta Maniac and a Meta Mutt will automatically be entitled to these earnings. through post drop sales will be split between all holders every 2 weeks.

Are there any Royalty Fees?

The royalty fees are set at 10%. A strong portion of these royalties will be put towards marketing, more giveaways for the community, as well as charitable donations. We are committed to longitivtiy, and success. 

Will there be a presale?

Yes, there will be a one day presale before the public launch. The presale will include 200 whitelist members determined via discord. Please, join the Meta Maniacs Discord to learn more about joining the whitelist.